The “Quds Day” and Western Upsetism

 Anti-Quds Day protesters in Berlin Source: Flickr,  Frankinh o, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Anti-Quds Day protesters in Berlin
Source: Flickr, Frankinho, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Once a year there is a fixed date for the well-organized Western “upsetism” of the finest: the annual “International Quds Day” which is traditionally held on the last Friday of Ramadan. This event was initiated by the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979 to express solidarity with the Palestinian people and to call for an end to the occupation of Palestine. “Al Quds” is the Arabic name for the city of Jerusalem. For the Western mainstream that is already enough to be horribly upset about.
Germany might have become one of the international masters of official “upsetism” – it became a sort of state ideology. The annual “Quds Day” shows that perfectly.
This year around 700 activists participated at the “Quds Day” in the German capital. Weeks before the peaceful demonstration some mainstream politicians and journalists debated to ban the protest. Yes, in Berlin, the city where violent extremists cause horrible damage every year during the so called “Revolutionary May Day”, the politicians debate about banning a peaceful march for the self-determination of the people of Palestine.
The “International Quds Day” doesn´t have a political lobby in the West. The reasons are clear. The political establishment demonizes the day as an “anti-Semitic event”, as a “hate march” and as a sort of almost satanic celebration. Of course Israeli diplomats try to schoolmaster the German authorities. Israel´s ambassador Yakov Hadas-Handelsman didn´t hold back his anger: “It is a disgrace that in Germany a march full of hate, agitation and anti-Semitism can take place.” Of course a number of German mainstream politicians apologized to Hadas-Handelsman - the representative of the so-called “only democracy in the Middle East”- for the constitutional right of assembly and demonstration in Germany.
So let´s take a look at the “Anti-Quds-Day-Front” in Germany: We find there politicians from all the Bundestag parties – including the Left. And we also find Deidre Berger, the representative of the American Jewish Committee among the speakers against the “Quds Day”. Beside the American-Israeli lobby the whole German so-called “civil society” didn´t miss to support the counter protest event. Also the “Green Party of Iran” – an Iranian exile organization – was present at the anti-“Quds Day” protest. The “Green Party of Iran” sees itself as a left-liberal group which campaigns for gay rights in Iran. All these groups share the ideology of extreme upsetism.
But what are they upset about? About Tehran? About Islam? Or about Palestinians? The political hatred of the Counter-Quds-Day-coalition goes much deeper.
The “Antifaschistisches Berliner Bündnis” (“Antifascist Berlin Alliance”) which represents around 20 left wing groups including the Berlin branches of the youth organizations of the Social Democrats and the Greens, speaks out what about all that political theatre against the “Quds Day” is: “Misunderstood anti-Racism is not allowed to make you blind for the devastating actions of the Islamic Republic. As in the past years, this year we will again rise up against the Quds Day. Even if they are sailing under the flag of the political Islam, anti-Semitism, hatred of LGBTIQ, sexism and other fascistoid impertinences will not be tolerated by us.” For those, who don´t know what “LGBTIQ” means: “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer”
At least they let the cat out of the bag: Their real motivation and upsetism is dedicated to the idea of a multipolar world and to the idea of different cultures, traditions and religious values. It is the typical Western liberal catalogue of ideas which is connected to the idea of worldwide dominance. The concept of self-determination, the value of national sovereignty and the idea of cultural diversity on our globe are the ideological boogeymen for those liberal groups. Their concept doesn´t accept the idea of any collective identity, they only know the “individual.” It is easy to see how totalitarian this idea is: In the West there are left liberals, center liberals and right liberals. Just check the supporter list of the German anti-“Quds Day”-coalition again.
The Islamic Republic of Iran is an obstacle for the liberal West – not because of its support for the Palestinian struggle for independence. It is an obstacle because it exists as an independent entity itself which defends its independence and sovereignty against all types of Western attacks and temptations.
Those who protest against the “Quds Day” are the propagandists of Western liberal dominance around the globe. They divide the world in those regions “liberated” already by the liberal ideas and those, which should be “liberated” in future. “Humanrightism” is their ideological “Panzerfaust”. One of the basic principles of Western liberalism is its expansionism. The liberal “mission” can only end in the moment when the last individual on the globe cuts its bonds to any collective identity. Ironically this idea has elements of religious eschatology itself.
In ancient Greek the term “idiotes” describes “a private citizen, one who has no professional knowledge, layman”. “Idiotes” was used in ancient Athens to refer to one who declined to take part in public life - someone without any collective bonds. The Russian philosopher and political scientist Prof. Alexandr Dugin once described the Western liberal process as a way to spread a modern “idtiotism”.
So we can say: Our upsetism about the “Quds Day” is only possible because enough idiots support it.