Questions McCain will never answer

 Senator John McCain

Senator John McCain

US Senator John McCain celebrates himself as the “falcon”. Right now he campaigns for a massive US aggression against Syria. He claims there are just a few Al-Qaeda terrorists fighting against the Syrian army, he claims the so called “Free Syrian Army” is a moderate opposition force.

John McCain was in Syria in May 2013. He visited northern Syria. He entered Syria illegally from the country´s border with Turkey and stayed there for several hours before returning to Turkey. What did the Senator do there? He met with leaders of the “FSA”. McCain said he wants to provide arms, supplies and apparently US military assets to help the “FSA” overthrow the Syrian government. When McCain and his buddies posed for some propaganda photos, he maybe didn´t really know who those guys were: Kidnappers, terrorists, killers. Read more here.

Senator McCain loves to talk about freedom, democracy and human rights. He avoids critical questions about the terrorist background of the so called “armed opposition” in Syria with the remark: “Have you been in Syria? I have been in Syria!”

If I would be that journalist, I would answer him: “Me too!” And I would like to ask him some more questions:

  • Have you ever spoken to a Syrian who just lost a relative or close friend on the hands of your buddies?

  • Have you ever been in one of those areas where your friends are shelling Syrian civilians with the principle of contingency?

  • Did you ever meet a Syrian who was kidnapped and tortured for several weeks by the “armed opposition”?

  • Did you ever speak to Syrian refugees? Did you listen well to their words? They might have told you that they run away from your friends into government controlled areas of Syria.

  • Did you ever talk to young Syrian soldiers in a military hospital? They would have told you about an enemy who doesn´t take any prisoners of war, who slaughters down every captured soldier in the most brutal way. Were you interested in those horrible stories?

Well, I did all these things. But John McCain would have to answer all those questions with “No”. He was for some hours with some terrorists, that´s it. And that´s not much.

But we can learn something: Never trust a Western politician who wants to go to war with the “Humanitarian intervention” label. Most probably he doesn´t know what he is talking about.


Senator John McCain feels offended by a question: "Have you been in Syria?"