Welcome to the "New Democratic Syria" in Raqqa

My Interview with RT about the alleged Al-Qaeda mass-killing of Kurds in Raqqa province:

  1. This not an "ethnic conflict between Kurds and Arabs" as mainstream media report. The Al-Qaeda linked groups are "international" and multi-ethnic themselves - not "only Arabs". The Kurds are attacked by those groups not because of ethnic reasons, but because of struggle for power in the region.
  2. This is not a new thing: Al-Qaeda linked terrorists killed already masses of Christians, Alawis, Shiites and Sunnis in Syria. 
  3. This conflict shows clearly the influence of Turkey: Ankara doesn´t have a problem with an "Al-Qaeda-State"  at its border, but would never accept a Kurdish entity.
  4. Islamist fighters infiltrate Syria via the Turkish-Syrian border. Turkey gives support to those groups.