Davutoglu & Fabius: The Chemical Brothers

While the Western governments give hectic statements, and while especially Paris and London push the international community to “react quickly”, the majority of Western mainstream media fails again completely.

As videos of an alleged chemical attack in Syria are shown to the world, experts cast doubt on their authenticity. But those doubts don´t play a big role in the Western media coverage.

We should listen very well to the warmongers especially from Turkey and France. Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu says: “All red lines have been crossed but still the U.N. Security Council has not even been able to take a decision. This is a responsibility for the sides who still set these red lines and for all of us”. Davutoglu's French counterpart, Laurent Fabius, called for “a reaction of force” from the international community.

By the way, Davutoglu and Fabius seem to be pretty relaxed when:

  • the civilians in Aleppo suffer under a hunger blockade by the so called “rebels”.
  • so called “rebels” kill hundreds of Kurds in Raqqa province.
  • Syrian civilians around Latakia are killed and “executed” by so called “rebels”.
  • bombs explode in front of schools and universities in Syria.
  • “moderate” rebels practice some cannibalism. 
  • so called “rebels” perform mass executions.


My interview with Russia Today about the reports of massive chemical attack near Damascus: