German Jihadists fighting in Syria

 Refugee from Harem with Manuel Ochsenreiter

Refugee from Harem with Manuel Ochsenreiter

Conversation with a refugee from the Syrian city of Harem (Idlib province) at the Turkish-Syrian border: He reports that he and other locals saw there six German fighters among the radical Islamist al-Nusra-Front who conquered and occupied Harem. Those terrorists are ethnic Germans who had an interpreter with them, as per the witness.

Harem is since months under the control of “al-Nusra Front”, an Al Qaeda associate operating in Syria. During the siege of Harem the terrorists of al-Nusra-Front were said to have committed horrible war crimes towards the civilians of Harem. Even the medics of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent couldn´t help the wounded and the injured defenders and civilians of Harem. The refugees accuse Turkey to provide arms and supplies to the terrorists.

Right now there are several thousands of fighters of the Nusra Front in Syria who fight alongside the so-called “Free Syrian Army” against the Syrian government. Foreign Jihadist terrorists from more than 25 nations are right now in Syria according to the security authorities in Damascus. The German minister for inner affairs, Hans-Peter Friedrich confirmed in July 2013 that 60 German citizens are fighting alongside the Islamist combat groups in Syria.

Until today the German authorities and the German mainstream media claim that the conflict in Syria is a “popular uprising” and support the so-called “armed opposition”.